2015 PDF Archive


Winter 2015

This issue includes articles on: The Hazards of Hazardous Duty; Profile of DOCJT Commissioner John W. Bizzack; Crowd Management; Arrested Development-Safeguarding the Children of Arrested Parents; Agency Profile of Greensburg Police Department; Officer Profile of Dexter Colvin; The Leadership Journey of APS Class No. 62 and much more.


Fall 2015

This issue includes articles on: Fixing Kentucky's Broken Windows; Profile of EKU's Dr. Peter Kraska; Is Military Surplus the Problem the Media has Made it?; Technology Meets Training; A Look Inside KACP's Telecommunications Accreditation Program; Eliminating the Challenges Between Dispatchers and Officers; Officer Profile of Monte Owens; SCOTUS Updates and much more.


Summer 2015

This issue includes articles on: Kentucky's Good and Bad Apples; Profiling Women's Law Enforcement Network President and Covington Police Specialist Jennifer Rudolph-Colemire; 2015 KLEMF Memorial Ceremony; Responding to a Terroristic Threat; Denial-The First Enemy; Officer Profile of David James; Agency Profile of Madisonville Police Department and much more.


Spring 2015

This issue includes articles on: Focus On Body-Worn Cameras; Profile of Former Lexington Division of Police Chief Ronnie Bastin; Carrying Concealed; Seasonal Crime Trends; Dealing with Debilitating Snowfall; Officer Profile of Chad Martin; Agency Profile of Salyersville Police Department and much more.