2019 PDF Archive


January/February 2019

This issue includes articles on: Overview of the 2018 Comprehensive Survey with new data on school resource officers, diminishable skills, investigations and many other critical law enforcement issues; profile of Elizabethtown Police Department; new state drone laws and more.

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March/April 2019

This issue focuses on mental health: Early Intervention Key in PTSD Treatment; Triumph Over Trauma, a former officer turned therapist talks trials, solutions of PTS; The Real Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes; Agencies striving to meet needs of officers in crisis; Telecommunications professionals not immune to post-traumatic stress; Profile of Russellville Police Department and more.


May/June 2019

This issue focuses on leadership: Building Your Team; Developing Talent; Well-groomed; Wellness Programs Beneficial to Officers, Agency; Succession in Kentucky; Profile of Eastern Kentucky University Police Department and more.


July/August 2019

The Kentucky Derby issue: Keep the Traffic Flow Going; Planning and Communication; SWAT Hardens the Target; KLEMF Ceremony; New Kentucky Legislation; Profile of St. Matthews Police Department and more.


September/October 2019

This issue includes articles on: New legislation hopes to harden schools, increase safety; Breaking down what SB1 says about SROs; Meet Kentucky’s first school security marshal; New program emphasizes needs of children during traumatic events; Preparing for the unthinkable; Profile of Boone County Sheriff’s Office, 2018-19 Supreme Court updates and more.