2017 DOCJT Schedule Book Boasts of 11 New Courses

2017 DOCJT Schedule Book Boasts of 11 New Courses

The 2017 Department of Criminal Justice Training Schedule book boasts of 11 brand new classes and multiple classes with brand new curriculum for 2017. Agencies can begin scheduling using the TRIS online registration system immediately. Within the first hour of the schedule book’s release, more than 1,000 course registrations were received.


One of the highlights for the 2017 training schedule is the addition of the 16-hour Diminishable Skills course. This course will offer training in five topics related to diminishable skills for law enforcement officers including firearms, driving, defensive tactics, legal update and officer survival first aid. Students will receive updates on necessary basic skills and legal knowledge to keep officers as up-to-date and proficient in these pivotal areas as possible.

The Emergency Pursuit Driving: Decision Making for Life class is designed to encourage objective and rational thinking and decision making concerning emergency driving situations and whether to engage in vehicle pursuits. This eight-hour course will prepare law enforcement officers for the mental and physical stressors associated with emergency and pursuit driving and help students understand their physical limitations and responses under various conditions. 

Other new classes listed under Patrol are the Strategies and Tactics for Patrol Stops Basic Course; Tactical Emergency Medical Support for Law Enforcement; and Terrorism Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.


On the heels of Senate Bill 63’s passage earlier this year, the Sexual Assault Investigation course will train police to identify and collect the kind of evidence that is appropriate for cases involving known offenders and to become familiar with the fact that most sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. The course also will cover the importance of the Sexual Assault kit, evidence collection process and Kentucky laws as they relate to sex crimes.

Also new for Investigations is the Property and Evidence Room Management course designed to enhance the skills and knowledge needed to properly manage a property and evidence room, according to state and federal laws and regulations.


The eight-hour Gangs and Human Trafficking: A Guide for Dispatchers course will help dispatch personnel identify and gangs and human trafficking indicators, as well as understand the link between gangs and human trafficking activity.

Two other Telecommunications courses new this year are Responder Safety for Fire Calls and CJIS: Ensuring Officer Safety.

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