DOCJT Basic Training Class 501 Graduates

DOCJT Basic Training Class 501 Graduates

Twenty-two law enforcement officers from agencies across the state graduated Thursday from basic training at the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training.

The graduates of Class 501 completed 20 weeks of training, which consisted of 800 hours of recruit-level instruction. Major training areas included law offenses and procedures, vehicle operations, firearms, investigations, first aid and CPR, patrol procedures, orientation for new law enforcement families and the mechanics of arrest, restraint and control.

Several recruits earned awards for their academy performance, including two recruits of distinction. To earn this recognition, a student must not fail any tested area, not receive any disciplinary action, earn an evaluation rating of acceptable in every observed category and score an average of 95 percent or higher on all academic tests. Recruits of distinction must participate in a community project and actively promote teamwork within the class environment.

Other awards are noted by the recruit’s names listed below.

Basic training is mandatory for Kentucky law enforcement officers to comply with the state’s Peace Officer Professional Standards Act of 1998. The Department of Criminal Justice Training provides basic training for city and county police officers, sheriffs’ deputies, university police, airport police and others.

The agency also provides in-service and leadership training for Kentucky law enforcement officers and public safety dispatch training.

The Department of Criminal Justice Training is a state agency located on Eastern Kentucky University’s campus. The agency is the first in the nation to be accredited under the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies’ public safety training program designation. DOCJT also earned accreditation through the International Association for Continuing Education and Training in 2013.

Class 501 graduates and their agencies are:

Justin T. Bale
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

John R. Bell II
Owensboro Police Department
(Academic Achievement, Recruit of Distinction)

Justin C. Carter
Menifee County Sheriff's Office
(Firearms Proficiency Award)

Jeffery E. Childress
Glasgow Police Department

Zechariah G. Cline
Morehead Police Department

Phillip M. Cox III
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Brennen Harrison Dills
Grant County Sheriff's Office

Matthew C. Eichbrecht
Vine Grove Police Department

Steven M. Flener
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

Jody B. Grigsby
Morehead Police Department

Justin S. Gunterman
Central City Police Department

Joshua F. Kamp
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office

John C. Lawson
Ashland Police Department
(Most Improved Award for Physical Fitness and Defensive Tactics)

Royale Colette Marfil
Hopkinsville Police Department
(Coordinator’s Award)

M. Blake Oliver
Nelson County Sheriff's Department

Robert B. Reed
Laurel County Sheriff's Office

Blake A. Smithson
Lancaster Police Department
(Firearms Proficiency Award)

Regginal Darrius Kane Taylor
Carrollton Police Department
(Outstanding Performance Award for Physical Fitness)

Andrew T. Wetherbee
Morganfield Police Department

John T. Williams
Scottsville Police Department

Travis A. Williams
Grant County Sheriff's Office

Justin M. Wilson
Nicholasville Police Department
(Recruit of Distinction, Firearms Proficiency Award)

Twenty-Two Officers Graduate from Sergeant’s Course

Twenty-Two Officers Graduate from Sergeant’s Course

Data-based Projects

Data-based Projects